IRS Form W-9

Instructions for filling out and submitting the form KSS needs before paying prize money

What is an IRS Form W-9

Officially known as a Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, the IRS Form W-9 is used by KSS to get the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) from competitors to whom it intends to pay cash prizes. The form also provides KSS with other personally identifying information like name and mailing address. The form acts as an agreement that you are responsible for withholding taxes that are required to be paid from your winnings.

Who has to fill one out?

KSS requires that any competitor awarded a cash prize or bonus fill out, sign, date, and submit a W-9 form.

Where is it?

Option 1: Printable Form for Mail, Fax, or Email Attachment — The IRS provides a printable IRS Form W-9 PDF which can be filled out online, printed, signed and dated, and either mailed or submitted as a digital photo or scan to KSS. Here’s how to do that.

W-9 PDF on IRS.gov Website

Here’s a link that will open a Form W-9 in PDF format on the IRS Website: [www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf]

The form actually takes up only half a page; instructions are at the bottom of the page and the next page. The PDF is dynamic, meaning one can fill in most of the information on the screen before printing. If you prefer, print it and fill it out entirely by hand. Either way, the form must be printed in order for it to be signed and dated—those two fields cannot be filled in on the browser screen.

Option 2: Paperless Online Form — The IRS Since the IRS permits companies to use their own forms to request taxpayer identification numbers and certifications, KBF provides a secure, quick, and convenient online Substitute IRS Form W-9 that you may fill out, digitally sign, and submit in about two minutes. This is a more secure, faster, and easier way to provide the information that KSS requires. The information you provide is encrypeted for transfer and storage, safeguarding it against evesdropping and unauthorized access. [Open Online W-9 Form]

How do I send the paper form to KSS?

Either mail the form in an envelope addressed to this address:
Kayak Bass Fishing
dab Kayak Saltwater Series
170 E Main St Ste D #128
Hendersonville, TN 37057

…or send it as a digitized image. You may scan it to produce a digital file (JPEG, PNG, PDF, or TIF), or you can use your smart phone to take a photo in this way:

  1. Lay the form on a flat, well-lit surface and photograph it, making sure the entire page is visible and pretty much fills the field of view.
  2. Check your photograph to make sure it is legible—not blurred or poorly lit.
  3. Send the form as an email attachment to admin@kayaksaltwaterseries.com.

What  does KSS do with my W-9?

KSS will keep your W-9 on file in digital format or hard copy in case it is needed for tax preparation. For individuals to whom KSS pays out $600 or more during a calendar year, KSS will prepare IRS Form 1099 forms using the information on the W-9. A Form 1099 outlines all the payments made to you. One copy will be mailed in January to you at the address provided on the W-9, and another copy will be mailed to the IRS. (For amounts under $600, no 1099 is produced or mailed.)